Saturday, 25 August 2012

#24 Nipple stimulation in childbirth - does it work?

FACT OF THE DAY: Nipple stimulation has been used around the world for centuries to bring on labour
I don’t think I can be the only one who was incredulous the first time I heard that nipple stimulation can be a good way of getting labour going.
There was a definite snigger around the room at the antenatal class as we sat there absorbing this ‘titillating’ piece of information. We had been hoping to hear about medical advances and scientific methods that would help us in childbirth, not something as simple, available and sexual as nipple stimulation.
After my initial surprise I was quite quick to discard this piece of advice, imagining that it would be unlikely to be effective, and that it probably wouldn't be what I felt like doing in the early stages of labour.
However, since embarking on my research I find that I may have been wrong to dismiss this idea so quickly. A number of cultures around the world have independently come up with this strategy.

Monday, 20 August 2012

#23 'Childbirth Myths' article published!

Hooray! I've had an article published as a result of this blog.

The article is called called 'Childbirth myths around the world' and it appears in "Midwives" which is the magazine for the Royal College of Midwives.

The article is a double spread with a great illustration - have a look at pages 42/43 in: