How do I know about this stuff?

When I first got interested in pregnancy and childbirth around the world, the obvious reaction was to Google it. Maybe you’ve done the same?

There is loads of information out there, and most of it’s fascinating, but I have a slight niggle about how accurate any of it is. You often can’t tell where the information has come from and there is a Chinese whispers feeling – the same facts appear on lots of different websites but without any sources. Much of what I came across didn't seem completely credible. 

So, I guess because of my academic background, I have a desire to find the original sources of information rather than internet hearsay. I want to read reports written by the researchers who have actually seen these events with their own eyes, and that have had their reports accepted by their peers and published by credited journals or publishers.

I’m sifting through this stuff (I have to admit that not all of it is that scintillating!) to find the little nuggets of information that I find most fascinating, and hopefully you will too.

You will see that at the end of each post I have given a list of sources so you can check up on its accuracy yourself.

Happy reading.