Wednesday, 26 September 2012

#25 Taking Stock

FACT OF THE DAY: A surprising amount of you are superstitious and interested in hyenas....
I have been blogging intermittently for about a year now, and have written a grand total of 24 posts.
Like most bloggers I enjoy looking at the stats to see what people are reading and where these people come from. There is something quite amazing and exciting to log in and and see that at that very moment someone over in the Philippines or Australia is reading my blog.
So what do the stats tell me you interested in? The top three posts in terms of reader numbers are;

#20 Pregnancy superstitions around the world (a clear winner)


#5 Getting a flat stomach after birth


#15 Pity the hyena mother (an unexpected hit!)

If I could find some material about superstitious hyenas getting their shape back maybe that would really hit the spot!
Other popular posts include:
#23 Nipple stimulation in childbirth - does it work? A recently added post seems to be gaining popularity
I can also tell you that people are not as interested as I thought they might be in;
#9 Grass Hut Ceseareans;postID=7141900427892493707 (which I personally think is fascinating (!) about Cesearean type operation being performed in the Uganda in 1879 before it was done successfully in Europe) or
#19 Stress and Infertility which is about remedies for infertility found in other cultures which may deal with the stress of infertility.
In terms of the readers, the vast majority of you come from the UK and the USA, however, lots of readers also come from Canada, India, The Philippines, Australia and Malaysia. All countries where English is spoken widely - maybe all bloggers writing in English will find that these are the main places where their blogs are read.
Thanks for comments and following so far, its always nice to get feedback on what you think.
So I will keep writing, I hope you keep reading!


  1. The Grass Hut Cesareans post is inaccessible, that might be why!:)
    I'm told I do not have access to view this page...

    1. Thanks for letting me know - I think its fixed now


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